December Poems (2019)

The final poetry practice for 2019. I'd like to thank everyone for another year of motivation and inspiration. You can follow my ongoing daily poetry practice live on Tumblr, at TheRealVagabird. October “Bygone yesterday, never to return again. Maybe one day the season will mirror you, But in the end, That time, and who I was, … Continue reading December Poems (2019)

The Man with the Painted Fists

双纹身拳头 The Man with the Painted Fists นักรบรอยสัก Tommy felt another punch drive up into his diaphragm, forcing the air from his lungs as he hung defenseless, arms held behind his back. The man doing the punching was an ugly number with short blonde hair and a pockmarked face, while the thug restraining him was … Continue reading The Man with the Painted Fists